Welcome to Travel Vigour!

Hello. My name is Himali and I love it when people say “Oh! Himali! This sounds like the Himalayas!” and I answer “Yes, that’s where I belong.” There is a small town named Almora in Uttarakhand and that’s where I grew up! I spent my childhood in ignorance, I never appreciated the beauty I was living in. But, I had many epiphanies when I moved out to be settled in a place amidst huge buildings and not trees. Just after a few months, I realized this is not where I belong! I started craving for the moments where I used to sit and glare at the mountains, the trees whispered in my ears and sang the melodies of nature, the fresh air caressed my skin and where I could say that yes, this is where I belong. I have been working as a writer for 4 years now and I always make sure that I never stop exploring because that’s what I live for! Through my travel experiences, I want to inspire and fill people with TRAVEL VIGOUR which will make them TRAVEL. EXPLORE and REJUVENATE.

I thought that my voyage had come to its end at the last limit of my power,

that the path before me was closed,

that the provisions were exhausted,

and the time come to take shelter in silent obscurity,

but, I find that thy will knows no end in me,

and when old words die out on the tongue,

new melodies break forth from the heart,

and where the old tracks are lost,

new country is revealed with its wonders”