Witness the unparalleled scenic beauty of Kinnaur, an idyll that will take you amidst of peace and pleasure. For adventure seekers, Kinnaur is highly gratifying. You must be curious about the places you can explore in Kinnaur, well, every part of Himachal is bliss but the places that will unfold the true scenic beauty of the Kinnaur are Kalpa, Roghi village, Kinner Kailash, Sangla Valley, Chitkul, Kamru Fort, Chini VIllage. Situated amidst the Great Himalayas, Kalpa is ideal to make a visit in the months from April to September as it is pleasant in summer and is extremely cold winters.

Reckongpeo: Massif Glory

The enthralling beauty of high mountains

As soon as our bus entered Reckongpeo, the snowy peaks of Reckongpeo had become visible. Those White Mountains possessed an ability to settle the chaos that you must be wrestling with no matter how long and how difficult. You enter the zone where nothing else but peace surrounds you. You learn the real definition of happiness and bliss. We sat there for a while gazing and admiring the grace of those snow-capped mountains! I just sat there for a while analyzing the deepest aspect of those curvaceous mountains and smelled satisfaction. We then headed to our next destination, Kalpa to witness the spectacular sunrise!

Kalpa: Predilection for Photographers

Mountains beckon me with that magnetic pull and make me walk deeper and deeper into their beauty. Witness blend of Hinduism and Buddhism in Kalpa, a small town situated in the Sutlej Valley. Kalpa is located at an altitude of 9711 feet in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, above Reckong Peo which is a hub of Buddhist culture and home to various monasteries. If you love clicking, then those snow-capped mountains in Kalpa will make your picture-perfect. People of Kalpa are loving and welcoming, they will make you feel like you belong to them. Don’t forget to enjoy games like volleyball and football with little children there. If you are willing to spend some time in the lap of nature, then Kalpa is the best place to visit. People having an eye for cultural diversity and richness can as well lookout for this town.

Roghi Village:  Witness Sculptures of Nature

The magnanimity of mountains will leave you mesmerized; they seem like sculptures of nature. The Roghi village is situated 8 km away from the town of Kalpa and is surrounded by enthralling gardens and village houses. Blessed with wonders, this village is also known for its apple orchards and exquisite beauty. Blue pines shimmer in the sunlight and the gentle breeze caressed them lightly. Witness dangerous trench and vertical slopes at suicide point on the road to Roghi village which is situated near Kalpa. You can also take a walk to suicide point through the delicious sight of apple orchards and bewitching delicacies. Next, we decided to visit Sangla, an adventure-centric place.

Sangla Village: Discover the Lesser-Known

We just heard once about Sangla and we decided to stay there for a day. That was one great day! We stayed at a hostel called Roojoom Backpackers Guesthouse, an amazing host, Joey, of course, the name lured me there and we never regretted our decision. We had long discussions about the place and they made us aware of Sangla Valley. Kudos to Joey and his team. Next day, we decided to trek to Sangla Valley which was around 8 km. It was not an easy trek though but a crazy one! You will be enraptured in no time with intoxicating views of snow-clad peaks towering above 6000 meters, cedar and pine forests, apple orchards, and aqua green Baspa river. Sangla trek not only gives you an opportunity to explore the mesmerizing natural beauty of Sangla Valley but as you move through the villages you also get to interact with natives and get an insight into Kinnauri traditions and lifestyle. When we finally reached up there, we couldn’t be happier! What we saw was a miracle. Impeccably Beautiful! The blue lake and White Mountain reflections took our breath away!  Just a little later, the wind was becoming stronger and the temperature colder, we took shelter and had our hot soup blended with contentment and happiness in the lap of nature.

Sip of Happiness
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