Is your solution to every problem is Traveling? Do you feel the spark to explore when someone mentions the name of a place you’ve never been to? Is stepping out of the comfort zone is your thing? Are you always eager for authentic cultural experiences and magnificent landscapes? Well, if your answer to all these questions is “Yes”, then my dear friend, you are on your adventure-filled way of being a true traveler. But being an anomaly traveler is like stepping into the next level and if you’re saying “done” after reading all following 10 things, then you are already there! Let’s see how it goes:

So, have you…

Always Preferred Exploring the Unexplored?

A real traveler enters the ecstatic zone while exploring the unexplored. If you have been to that zone, you have that traveling spark in you, you know things! You know that getting out of your comfort zone would serve you with the phenomenal views, you know that venturing out to a new terrain would make you learn more about the nature and while you try out the new things, you would feel that adrenaline rush in your nerves that would make you climb higher and it’s rightly said “The best view comes after the hardest climb.”

Ever Stayed in a Small Mud House & Shared Stories with The Locals?

Exploring a new place and getting into conversations with the locals is something every traveler looks forward to, isn’t it? You share your stories and listen to theirs, you cook with them and celebrate the food, they treat you with all the love and care and amidst all this, you find your little happy world.

Traveled Solo Without Any Itinerary?

When you travel alone you get to feel that sense of freedom and you have all the time in the world to reflect and think in peace. All the challenges that you face tend to make you stronger and better. You travel, you learn, you grow. You get to experience invigorating mornings where you don’t have to be a part of any conversation. You can just be with yourself and let your soul meander.

Ever Sat for Hours Glancing at Nature’s Beauty?

A traveler is always in love with nature. While admiring the profusion beauty of nature you feel all the chaos settling down inside you. If you know what wonders nature can do on you, then you have traveled places. If you have experienced how beautiful it feels when the wind caresses your skin, then you are familiar with nature’s miracles. If you have sat for hours doing nothing but glancing at nature’s beauty, then you know how nature works.

Never Left a Single Chance of Stargazing?

Sitting in an open space, feeling the breeze against your face, appreciating the darkness around and admiring the shining stars in the sky, the experience is surreal! You feel enchanted glaring at the starry sky and awestruck with the miracles of the universe. If you haven’t tried it yet you are really missing out on something.

Ever Witnessed or Participated in a Traditional Ritual at an Unknown Place?

Consider yourself a true traveler, if you always seek out for new cultural experiences and keep a check on various fascinating events, festivals, and celebrations across the world. Being a part of the traditional festivals of the place you are visiting is a thrilling experience unmatched by any other. Tried yet? Yes? Awesome! If not, go for it!

Craved for the Local Cuisine?

Did you ever come back without trying the traditional cuisine of the place you visited? Do you always look out for authentic food points that serve the best local cuisine? Well, you must agree on this that there is nothing as delicious as trying out the traditional food after doing your local research on the best places to eat and if you get to make a local friend, consider yourself lucky!

Been Making Travel Notes?

Keeping a travel journal is a sign of a true traveler. Every place that you visited, every experience that you had, all the strangers who became your friends, every challenge that you faced, putting it all in your travel journal allow you to go back in time and relive those moments whenever you read them.

Stayed Away from Social Media While Traveling?

Using social media isn’t a bad habit but it sometimes consumes your time that you could have used for better things, like exploring. If you aren’t a travel vlogger, then, staying away from social media shouldn’t be that tough! Instead of uploading pictures after pictures, you should get into some beautiful conversations amidst nature.

One more to go!

Let this one decide..

Do you Feel at Home No Matter Where You Are?

This is something a real traveler understands! No matter where your home is, you find peace in every place you visit, you treat it like home. You stay with the locals, eat with the locals and celebrate like a local. If you do, congratulations on being an anomaly true traveler!

Let your insatiable desire for travel, adventure and exploration expand every day! Go explore, the world is waiting out there for you!

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