Well, there is a myriad of reasons for traveling! Escaping from mundane to take a sigh of relief is always a good idea. Isn’t it? We always talk about our undying love for traveling but do we really know what traveling does to us? By unplugging the pulls and pushes of unwanted society norms, you get an opportunity to engage yourselves in new activities with new people at a new place! Isn’t it exciting? Unburdening all the unwanted theories and embarking on a new journey brings in the transformation that you always wanted to see in you.

Here are the reasons that will strengthen your urge to travel!

Travel Gives You New Perspective

Traveling reinforces your willingness to broaden your horizons, help you move into a whole new direction, guides you to make new choices in life and get a new perspective, a better one! You become aware of diverse cultures and ways of life. You realize that life isn’t always black or white; there are colors that will make you pop out of the ordinary. Social media has made the world feel smaller. You can connect with your friends from all over the world and feel that you are somewhere closer to them! It’s a good thing of course! But, when you start traveling, you realize how big the world is and there is a lot to explore.

My perspective of traveling changed when I started traveling by local buses! Yes, I realized that if you really want to experience the local culture and the real essence of traveling, you should definitely try the local transportation. During my last expedition to Himachal, I felt the coarseness of the road and still enjoyed every bit of it, I felt the windy air hitting my head hard and still let my hair blow in the wind, I was a hesitating a little to talk to strangers but still managed to make many new friends. That’s how the transformation began…

You Meet New You

Yes! Travel can do that to you: from shaking you out of your routine and life that you have been reassessing to deciding that alterations are necessary! For me, it was those stunning snow-capped mountains that knocked some sense into me. I sat in the lap of nature and that was the time when I actually delved deeper into my soul and could see things in a more lucid manner! I felt rejuvenated; that’s the magic of nature!

You Make New Friends

When you get that taste of travel, you just crave for more and more! Meeting people from diverse backgrounds and with different experiences adds chapters to your travel story which even becomes conducive to writing! I learned how to make friends out of strangers and make it count. This reminds me of Jagriti Yatra, a 15-day sojourn train journey wherein I traveled with 500 strangers from diverse backgrounds who were strangers to me but as the journey began it felt like we always knew each other. I managed to make some friends and comrades for life. Traveling adds some interesting chapters to your journal with some new storytellers you meet on your journey!

You travel, you learn, you grow! You deal with missed flights, slow buses, bad street food, wrong turns and what not! But, you gradually learn to adapt to all those situations and find an alternative. You learn to move on! So when life throws you curveballs, hit them out of the park! Why? Because you’re awesome like that!

Travel Vigour

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